The Guest House was pleased to be invited to meet with the Entrepreneurship Club at Syracuse University School of Information Studies on October 9, 2017. Club President, Sarah Grosz, led this bright talented group, introducing them to The Guest House through images that she captured and projected during the session.

After listening to some of the history and the focus of The Guest House’s efforts, the students engaged owner, Sharron Pearson, and her guests Robyn Mitchell and Venita (who are involved with some of the day to day activities with the business) in a series of questions and answers, followed by the group breaking into teams, then coming back together to offer thoughts, impressions, and suggestions on ways to advance the business.

There were several interesting and innovative ideas presented by the students that are being discussed and considered by The Guest House team. A follow-up visit to the venue by some of the students is being planned for later this month.

The experience and opportunity to interact with young minds and their fresh insights was welcomed and appreciated by The Guest House. Thank you, Sarah Grosz, and the talented students of the Syracuse University Entrepreneurship Club.