2016 has been a pivotal year for me. I’ve suffered incredible losses and experienced extreme joys…sometimes both within a few days. However, my faith has taught me to stand strong, brace and embrace, always being thankful...and I am.
A huge joy has been the opening of The Guest House – Meeting & Event Center. It is the culmination of years of dreaming, hoping, praying, planning, working, and sacrifice. There are many people [angels] who essentially helped me get the business open; providing prayers, products, services, expertise, gifts, resources, encouragement, suggestions, referrals, smiles, laughs, shoulders, hand holding, sweat, and much more. I am truly blessed and very grateful.
Since launching in June, The Guest House has hosted a graduation party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday parties, sobriety celebration, business meetings, church events, training session, watch party, campaign fund-raiser, organizational retreat, a family Christmas celebration, and an ugly Christmas-sweater party.
In 2017, I look forward to being the venue-of-choice for hosting more great events, collaborating with individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies in the community.
I ask that you continue to help me get the word out that 'the house' is open. I hope to see you soon and often at The Guest House.
Blessings, Sharron - 315.437.7091