Here’s a good idea for Direct Sales Consultants. Instead of uncomfortably watching customers and potential customers fidget and squirm trying to get out of hosting a direct sales party in their homes, consider joining forces with other Consultants experiencing the same angst from their potential hosts. Complimenting businesses can combine their forces, share the expenses, and alleviate trying to “convince” people to let strangers invade their home for a pitch party.

If you sell gift wrap, and a coworker sells home décor, and a third consultant sells candles and oils, having all three items pitched and displayed to the three networks together in the same space can open your line items up to markets that might otherwise be difficult for you to approach.

The Guest House is ready and available to help satisfy your ‘need for space’. The facility is a lovely, warm, comfortable and convenient venue, reminiscent of an actual residence. Where fun, food, and fellowship flourish, sales won’t be far behind. Find other ambitious DSCs who want to increase their market, and visit or call 315.437.7091 for more information.

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